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The ‘King of Gems’

by on May 1st, 2009

Art Deco oval-cut ruby and diamond bypass ring (3.55ct / 3.17ct), $180,000

Historically, Burma has been the source of the world’s finest rubies. Burmese rubies have quite literally set the standard by which all other fine gemstones are judged.

Large, fine, natural Burmese rubies are still considered to be ‘The King of Gems’ and are certainly amongst the scarcest. They have been prized by the world’s most important gem collectors for centuries.

What makes this ring particularly rare is its quality, combined with the fact that the stones are a perfectly matched pair. Matching color is especially difficult, and even with gems cut from the same piece of rough crystal, the characteristics often diverge.

Set in a simple, yet elegant, twin ring, the stones sit side by side to amplify how well matched they are. In contrast, gems that are not particularly well matched are often set in earrings to mask their differences.

This is a great example of understated elegance with the emphasis on beauty and quality.

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