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A Rolex Submariner: The Right Tool for My Lifestyle

by on August 1st, 2009

Terry's Watch, Rolex Submariner, ref. 16610LV

My father always used to pride himself on his tools: incredibly sharp chisels, perfectly ground screwdrivers, saws with teeth made just for the material he was cutting. I’m reminded of my Dad’s tools every time someone asks me what watch to buy.

It’s really a question of finding the right tool. For me, this usually means a Rolex. I’m active and klutzy, prone to random soakings and always on a tight schedule, so I need a durable watch that will never let me down.

A couple years ago while clearing a field with my bulldozer, I had a tree branch slam into my forehead, knocking me out cold. About forty five minutes later I awoke and immediately checked my still perfectly working watch to see how long I’d been unconscious; my Rolex has always fared better than I have.

Last spring I visited Rolex’s new billion euro factory and was thrilled to see that management had tasked a department with improving the durability of its watches. An entire department of brilliant watchmakers does nothing but try to destroy or damage their watches to find the failure points, so that they can find ways to tinker with future Rolex models to make them truly indestructible.

At first I was shocked when one of the company’s watchmakers told me that he didn’t care for a museum of historical watches, but then I realized that it is because every watch Rolex builds is better than its predecessors.

If you’re really tough on a watch like me, a Rolex is the right tool.

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