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A Stunning Art Deco Emerald & Diamond Tassel Bracelet

by on September 1st, 2009

Art Deco Emerald & Diamond Tassel Bracelet, $68,000

With the end of summer, pearls and corals are put away for another year and thoughts turn to the fall with the start of dinner parties, opera and the charity circuit. Maybe not in that order and perhaps different social functions (the head of our watch department asked me to include Giants tickets and tailgates), but for many, diamonds and other precious gems take center stage for increasingly formal events.

This magnificent sugarloaf emerald and diamond bracelet is a breathtaking example of those design elements that made the Art Deco period so special. It is as tactile as it is beautiful with a sinuous softness, each and every link crumples on touch like silk. There is a paradox in this object that is startlingly striking yet understated; everything about it is of outstanding quality.

Tassel bracelets were used with great effect during the Art Deco period, Cartier favoring a foxtail style tassel and Van Cleef & Arpels an exotic cupola (as illustrated in this bracelet). This bracelet shows off many of the diamond shapes that were created during that time period such as the baguette, bullet and lozenge cuts.

Created in the mid-1920’s, this bracelet exemplifies style, quality and beauty. It’s as flattering on a wrist as any bracelet you will find, and the ideal companion for any glamorous, fall gathering.

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