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by on October 1st, 2009

We are old fashioned. We like knowing customers’ names and trading stories with them on Saturday afternoons. We like writing out repair slips by hand and working on sales cases that were built by my granddad before World War II. Technology often makes companies impersonal, and that’s the antithesis of who we are.

Six months ago, fresh from a Bay Area Internet company, Dad tasked me with finding a manner to incorporate leading technologies into our business without losing what makes us special.

To this end, we just launched a new and greatly improved The online jewelry and watch industry is riddled with forgeries, poor customer service and shoddy products. Through our website, we will do our best to extend the Betteridge experience- our talented sales staff, our access to nearly impossible to find products, and most importantly, our personality- to people who may not always find it convenient to visit us.

Today, displays exemplary pieces for each of our different jewelry and watch designers. Eventually we plan to load the nearly 10,000 products that we carry onto our website in an elegant and searchable manner. For instance, in the near future, we are launching new sections that showcase our leading estate jewelry and pre-owned watch collections, so that you will be able to view our newest finds, even if you can’t come into a store.

The goal of the website is not to replace interaction in our stores with e-commerce, but rather to make it easier for customers to figure out what they want and how we can really help them.

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