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Making Markets in Odds and Ends

by on October 1st, 2009

Estate Buccellati 18k Gold Geranium Leaf Necklace, $20,000

Value buying is driving our business. Just like back in the ’70s when I first started working, the price of the dollar has fallen relative to the price of gold and silver. Again, the ensuing hubbub has driven people to reassess their investments in jewelry.

Everyday I appraise, buy and melt old stuff, assess and repair secondhand jewelry and then need to sell quickly, in order to make the accounting equation balance. It’s dynamic, fun and profitable, so long as you can make a market in whatever it is you are trading.

Up to a couple of years ago, we sold primarily in Greenwich and our four other shops; now, we travel to trade shows on a monthly basis in Hong Kong, Basel, Miami, Chicago and Las Vegas. So be it; we run around like crazy to find the right market and the perfect customer for old gold coins, a few stick pins, maybe a million dollar diamond.

Every day we see something new and fabulous, something old and awful, but it always makes for an active and fun day of doing what we’ve always done (just a little faster).

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