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Diamond Studs: True Beauty Requires Artistry & Precision

by on October 11th, 2009

What goes into creating a pair of classic diamond stud earrings that we can be proud to put our name on? More than you might think. We are particularly fussy, here at Betteridge – we should be, as we have a reputation to uphold and skilled craftsmen in-house who can do the job to exacting specifications.

To make a “pair of stones”, lots of things need to match:
– Diameter is the easiest to see and must be identical on both stones.
– Color is the next most obvious matching point. Often a difference of one color grade, although seemingly insignificant, can result in a perception of a very disconcerting and unattractive mis-match.
– Clarity is not as critical, as it is by definition microscopic, but I always like the pair to be within one grade of each other.
– Often overlooked, is the matching of the cut. Table size in particular, is very evident when sitting side by side on the ear. The depth and dimensions of the diamond will also have an effect on the perceived brilliance of the stones and should be as close as possible.

– Finally, diamond studs should be set in platinum to fit our exacting specifications. Platinum is not only stronger and more enduring, but its color is the ideal ‘match’ for diamonds.

Net: ‘Simple diamond studs’ are anything but that, if they’re made here at Betteridge!

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