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Finding the Perfect Present

by on November 1st, 2009

Raymond C. Yard Art Deco Star Ruby & Diamond Ring, $29,500

I walked into the Greenwich store a few years ago, and a woman grabbed my arm, saying “Terry, you guys made my day. My husband is absolutely impossible to shop for and you had the perfect gift.”

She had found a beat up green box on one of our counters that contained a treasury ink stand, a rare and wonderful piece of English silver meant to hold everything on your desk. I had put it out on the counter, because I wanted someone to open it and to have that same sense of discovery that I had when I first found it.

Now, a treasury ink stand may not be for everybody, but it was the right gift for her husband, a gift that paid dividends every time he sat down in his office. Let us know if we can help you find that perfect present for your loved one.

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