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Patrick Mavros: Student of Nature, Master Silversmith

by on December 1st, 2009

Patrick Mavros Silver Turkeys, $33,000 for the pair

Rarely and wonderfully do I experience true genius first hand. Invariably, there’s a wealth of sweat and study belying the shock in seeing a real work of art, and with Patrick Mavros’s latest sculptures (over three years in the making), the result of his labors is truly overwhelming.

As a committed turkey hunter and bird watcher, the realism and mating panache of the tom turkey, even in glowing silver, is amazing. The demure hen is the girl I’ve watched so many times, coyly surveying her surroundings out of the corner of her eye. Every feather is individually chased and engraved, many having been separately formed and inset to give the natural sheen and glimmer of the wild bird’s body and flight feathers.

It’s worth a trip just to admire what a student of nature and a master silversmith can create.

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