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Charmed by Raymond Yard

by on February 1st, 2010

“Prisoner of Love” ($6,000), “Keys to My Apartment” ($1,950), “Man in the Doghouse” ($2,750), and “Wishing Well” ($2,850)

Charms and charm bracelets had really come into their own by the 1930’s; however, given the strict, highly-constrained moral fiber of the day, most charms were in the form of innocent family animals, or simple motifs such as the owner’s initials.

True to Raymond Yard’s highly creative and iconoclastic style, he chose, instead, to capture the spirit of everyday life, the imperfections of human character and the amusing anecdotes of the human condition in his creations.

Working primarily in precious metals and stones, Raymond Yard charms are further distinguished by their exquisite beauty and enduring value.

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