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Value vs. Values

by on February 1st, 2010

Cartier Panthére Diamond & Sapphire Bangle

Seeking value does not mean buying something simply because it is cheap. The price matters, but what may be more important are personal values.

Does a gift really communicate what you want it to? Forever. Rarity. Quality.

The statement that you make in what you buy, and indeed, where you buy it, helps to convey your feelings. Stick with the values that you admire most when you make a purchase, and the gift will say what you mean.

This year I have welcomed my son and daughter, Win and Brooke, now the fourth generation to work at Betteridge, into the business. I’ve done my best to instill in them the same values that I have in my company- honesty, integrity and a passion for all things that are beautiful.

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