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Crazy Terry’s Auction & Horse-Swapping Parlor

by on March 1st, 2010

Estate M. GĂ©rard Emerald & Diamond 18k Gold Collar Necklace, $195,000

Lately, we’ve been buying and selling like madmen, while much of the jewelry world has been subdued. Even at the shows we attend in Europe, Asia and all over the US, we’ve stood out for being wildly busy while other dealers looked on wondering why their booths resembled ghost towns.

The difference is that we go further afield to make markets than any other dealer and we know what things are worth. This means that Simon and I can feel comfortable buying, even in a difficult economic environment. We have the tightest margins that we have ever had in our history, but so long as we keep making markets and stay busy as the dickens, it makes for a great business plan.

Most importantly, for you, it means a constant bombardment of new and exceptional watches, jewels and precious odds & ends, of all ages and kinds. It’s a lot of fun.

All the best, to the curious and the collector- come on down!

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