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A Note on Father’s Day

by on June 1st, 2010

William Henry Damascus Folding Knife, $725

For dads, Father’s Day is a funny, wistful time to enjoy some time with the family: the children and adopted friends of kids, the parents of school friends who themselves become part of the family. It’s a day to see the structure you’ve built, and grown, and to enjoy the warmth and shelter of it. So often, dads go largely unnoticed. Dads commute, battle tough businesses, teach and toil- usually out of sight; however, it’s really nice to be seen once in awhile.

Simple gifts from kids and wives take on the sentimentality that is the currency of love for the family. The great thing, the silly one, the pocket knife from mom, pulled out to open the morning mail – each become a small monument and message of these bonds. It’s the point to this odd little holiday, to recognize and add to these ties that we so happily let bind.

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