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A Small and Sacred Find

by on September 7th, 2010

Joan d'Arc Brooch

Many times, the greatest gift is a small one; the most wonderful jewel, not very big.

From the collection of the foremost expert on antique French jewels in the world, we bought a little enameled girl surrounded by tiny diamonds.

She waves a banner in glistening armor, while carrying a golden sword and axe on her belt. Upon closer examination, she also has a fine, golden halo with saints on her banner kneeling to the Christ child and crusaders’ crosses riveting the steel of her suit together. A tiny golden figure (actual gold trapped between many firings of glass), a fleur-de-lis wave at the end of her banner with chestnut-colored hair falling gracefully over her shoulders.

She is Joan d’Arc!

It’s an amazing, devotional painting in a medium few artists could master and fewer still could accomplish in miniature. For a few thousand dollars, a girl who spoke to God and found legions of soldiers commit to her visions, will endlessly hold that banner high. A small but priceless jewel.

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