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How to Become a Watch Expert

by on September 30th, 2010

Every part of a Betteridge Vintage and Estate timepiece is carefully inspected by our experts: they have so much fun doing it that they sometimes have to be reminded to remove their loupes from their eyes when going out in public.

Many people are nervous about buying something with which they are not very familiar. With diamonds, people trust that Betteridge will offer the finest expertise and best value in the industry. The same is true for vintage and estate watches. You have an open invitation to come in and talk watches with us. It is our pleasure!

We offer numerous special services for vintage and estate watches, including:

  • Betteridge Certified Pre-Owned Watch Warranty for all Vintage and Estate Watches.
  • Holiday and Personal Shopping: Betteridge can help you discover the right watch for the right occasion with a large inventory and a depth or expertise.
  • Curatorial Consultation: Assessment of your watch collection.
  • Valuation and Trade-In: How much is your timepiece worth?
  • Educational Opportunities: Ongoing seminars in the history of timekeeping, how to buy a vintage watch, and the proper care and maintenance of your watches.

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