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Mechanical Art

by on September 30th, 2010

Shark-like Perfection: Some watches are instant classics the day they are made. This Patek Philippe Ref. 5100J made in the year 2000 is coveted for its ten day movement, large size, and stylistic case shape inspired by the manta ray.

The benefits of buying vintage or estate watches are not just limited to value and the breadth of the collection. With a vintage watch, you are buying a piece of history, a mechanical work of art that will never be made again. Take a look at the case construction of a vintage watch and you will discover the look and feel of an era past. Much like the signature sweeping tail-fins of a vintage car from the 50s or 60s, there are components of vintage watch case design that will never be recreated in the same way. The dials of vintage watches also tell a story about time past – imagine a day when people needed to actually tell the time, and tell others something about themselves. The result was high-quality and high-fashion.

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