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by on November 5th, 2010

Betteridge Estate Collection Diamond Riviere Necklace with Pear-Shaped Diamond Drop

Betteridge Collection Diamond Riviere Necklace with Pear-Shaped Diamond Drop

The lore of gemstones is as romantic and exciting as any subject. Dynasties have been destroyed, fortunes made, and legends created over the pursuit of stones.

And while literature or Hollywood may have exaggerated- many of the tales of daring do- it is important to know that the reality is also very objective and pragmatic.

The imagery surrounding gems involves the pursuit, and stories around any character, but once presented with a gemstone or gemstone jewelry one has to be objective with one’s analysis.

Diamonds and colored stones have so many subtleties, highs and lows, that to encapsulate them in a single paragraph is impossible.

As a snapshot of gem jewelry, this antique diamond necklace is a wonderful example of 19th century diamond elegance. The pear-shaped diamond drop of 4.57 carats is of exceptionally high quality, E color VS1, and is cut to portray a drop of frozen air suspended below a single line of wonderful old mine cut diamonds.

Exuding personality it has the imagery of old money inherited jewels, but is in fact as wearable now as the day it was made.

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