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What Makes a Really Fine Colored Diamond?

by on July 22nd, 2011

Fancy Colored Diamond Bracelet

Depth of color is crucial and phenomenally rare in the truly “vivid” colored diamonds where the yellow is the color of safron or the pink is the color of a perfect beach rose.

This simple floral bracelet (amazingly built in platinum, which usually bleaches color, as opposed to enhancing it like gold) is composed of perfectly matched deep steel blues, glowing pinks and solid yellows. The bracelet demonstrates just what the best of colored diamonds can be.

Seen at left: Fancy colored diamond cluster bracelet, composed of 22 diamond flower clusters, set with yellow, pink, purplish-blue and white diamonds, the 154 diamonds weighing approximately 9.00 total carats and the clusters ranging from 7-9mm in diameter, mounted in platinum, designed by George Kogis.

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