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Education is Part of the Fun

by on November 4th, 2010

Alexandrite & Diamond Ring, $55,000

Betteridge Collection Alexandrite & Diamond Ring

The most interesting aspect of the jewelry market is that there are layers upon layers of information one leading onto the other. There are also markets within markets that operate in different ways in different parts of the world. Colorless diamonds and colored diamonds; natural pearls and cultured pearls; as well as countless periods and styles spanning three hundred years are just part of the panoply.

The three snapshot articles above have barely scratched the surface of our world.

It is widely known that the best buyer is an educated buyer, and in response to this Terry Betteridge, Warren Lagerloef and I are regular speakers in Greenwich and around the country at private events and international fine arts fairs.

Most recently in Greenwich I gave two presentations on the importance (or not) of signed jewelry, and the range of colored gemstones apart from “the big three.” In these seminars I worked diligently to illustrate each subject with images of jewels I have handled spanning 25 years as well as wonderful hands on examples of each genre.