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Exploring Mark Davis’ Workshop

by on May 1st, 2012

Visiting Mark Davis’ workshop is an experience that can only be described as heavenly. Housed in an old rope factory building on the water in Brooklyn, stark white walls give way to the most glorious sight imaginable- a wall of color-coded bakelite!

Due to the vintage nature of the material, Mark has taken to buying it up whenever a “new” stockpile becomes available. Whether it be a full uncut, bakelite tube, or a collection of well-worn bangles, he has managed to amass quite a lovely hoard over the years. All in various stages of production, one can witness the transformation from ordinary to extraordinarily fabulous as the time-consuming process of sanding and polishing progresses.

Years of exposure to the elements oxidizes outer layers of the bakelite and causes it to change color. A brown piece might actually turn out to be blue after Mark has had his way with it. Who knew bakelite was so multifaceted? Mark did!

Before Mark Davis came onto the scene, bakelite had been largely forgotten. Now, many try to imitate his unique style using resin and other colorful materials. Only bakelite however is heat-resistant, impervious to moisture and shatterproof- it’s actually so durable that it was used for some bomb-casings during World War II.

After seeing the amount of work that goes into the making of each and every piece bearing his stamp, one cannot help but fall madly in love with Mark’s jewels. While this material might no longer be in vogue militarily-speaking, Mark Davis’ bakelite beauties always hold the top three spots on my jewelry wishlists.

18k Gold and Enamel Bracelets by Raymond C. Yard

by on September 7th, 2010

Raymond C. Yard 18k Gold Bangles

Raymond C. Yard 18k Gold Bangles

Inspired by the fragment of a sketch found buried deep within the Raymond Yard archives, this collection of 18K gold and hand applied glass enamel bangle bracelets resonate with an elegant and stylish form of distinctly American modernism.

Carefully balanced proportions, precise faceting and flawless polishing, provide a unique connection between person and product. Currently produced in three, archivaly-correct colors, it is available by special order in any color desired.

Mark Davis Jewelry – Bakelite is Back

by on May 1st, 2010

Mark Davis Bakelite Bangles, from $3,990

Made from reclaimed vintage bakelite, 18k gold, diamonds and colorful gemstones, Mark Davis’ creations are as beautiful as they are unique. Splashy and fun, yet painstakingly handcrafted and meticulously finished, vintage bakelite is back and better than ever!

After buying my own Mark Davis bangle over a year ago, wearing it almost daily, and enjoying every minute of it, I knew it was time to share these spectacular creations with our friends.

Pieces range from $400 for a pair of 18k and gem-set earrings to $1,430 for a set of 3 pink sapphire studded stackable bangles to $12,000 for a wide cutout bangle bedazzled to the nines!

Let the collecting commence…

Fleur-de-Lis Gold Bangles: A New Classic from Betteridge

by on May 1st, 2010

Fleur-de-Lis Bangles, from $3,000

As spring reaches its zenith heralding in both Mother’s Day and Graduation Season, it is with great excitement that we present the first in a series of new Betteridge Collection designs.

Of all the floral devices used in Heraldry, perhaps the most famous is the fleur-de-lis. A symbol often used as a representation of faith, wisdom and chivalry. In a tradition started by the fourteenth century Neapolitan mariner Flavio Gioja, the symbol is often used on the compass rose to mark the north direction.

In this season when we celebrate one’s direction in life, we invite you to find your own true north.

A Magnificent Victorian Amethyst and Diamond Bangle

by on March 12th, 2009

Amethyst & Diamond Bangle, Circa 1890

In the Victorian era, jewelry was made and worn on a grand scale. Aristocratic women wore massive tiaras and corsage ornaments amongst elaborate silks and brocades. It was an era of glamour and opulence, especially in nineteenth century England.

Over a hundred years after their creation, many Victorian pieces still represent the height of fashion, a testament to their brilliant design. Although they may be worn alone with great simplicity, their dramatic impact endures.

This remarkable amethyst and diamond bangle features a number of characteristics that are typical of Victorian design, including foliate sprays and clusters, as well as dramatic swaths of color. In combination with meticulous craftsmanship, these elements bestow a sculptural form.

This bracelet belonged to Mary Russell, the Duchess of Bedford and Dame Commander of the British Empire.

Born as Mary du Caurroy Tribe, in 1865 at Stockbridge, Hampshire, she married Lord Herbrand Russell.

In a period when women were largely forced to assume subservient roles, Mary was a firebrand for women’s rights. She was a vocal supporter of the women’s suffrage movement, joining the Women’s Tax Resistance League to protest the disenfranchisement of women.

She was invested as Dame of Grace, Venerable Order of Saint John of Jerusalem and as a fellow at the Linnean Society of the Imperial College.

Mary was also an acclaimed aviator and ornithologist. She broke the records for the longest flights to India and South Africa. Moreover, her journals regarding migratory patterns on Fair Isle were published posthumously.

At the age of 71, Mary left Woburn Abbey on her way to Fair Isle in a De Haviland Gipsy Moth plane and crashed into the chilly waters of the North Sea. Mary’s body was never recovered.