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18k Gold Three-Link Tube Bracelet by Betteridge

by on September 7th, 2010

18k Gold Three-Link Tube Bangle

18k Gold Three-Link Tube Bangle, $8,000

If “less is more,” it is also fair to say that less is often more difficult to produce. Such was our experience in designing, engineering and producing our new Betteridge Collection three link tube bracelets.

It turns out that bending three identical 5.00 mm tubular sections of 18K gold, without seams and without crimping, is far more difficult to execute than it was to design.

The end product is nothing less than a testament to the confluence between design and the industrial process, and to the hurdles that we strive to leap in the development of new Betteridge Collection designs.

18k Gold and Enamel Bracelets by Raymond C. Yard

by on September 7th, 2010

Raymond C. Yard 18k Gold Bangles

Raymond C. Yard 18k Gold Bangles

Inspired by the fragment of a sketch found buried deep within the Raymond Yard archives, this collection of 18K gold and hand applied glass enamel bangle bracelets resonate with an elegant and stylish form of distinctly American modernism.

Carefully balanced proportions, precise faceting and flawless polishing, provide a unique connection between person and product. Currently produced in three, archivaly-correct colors, it is available by special order in any color desired.

Elegant Gold Estate Bracelets for Every Look

by on November 1st, 2009

Betteridge Estate Collection: Pommellato 18kt gold link bracelet, $2,500; Tiffany & Co. diamond, 18kt gold & platinum Etoile bangle, $2,500; and Elizabeth Locke 18kt gold link bracelet, $2,400

It’s been said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. I think diamonds are spectacular, but there is nothing quite like gold, yellow gold in particular, to make a woman feel wonderful and look her most beautiful.

Betteridge has always had one of the finest estate jewelry collections in the world, but a personal favorite, for just about any customer, is our wide array of stunning gold bracelets.

And at price points often as low as 50% of new gold bracelets, there is no better or more beautiful value in our stores.