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Value, Ever an Increasing Virtue

by on November 5th, 2010

Betteridge Collection Rose-Cut Diamond Drop Earrings by Otto Jakob

Betteridge Collection Rose-Cut Diamond Drop Earrings by Otto Jakob

Without the creation of new jewelry and the ever-changing world of fashion, there would not be the enticing and fascinating arena of antique and period jewelry.

Importantly, in an era in which the value of a label or name may seem transitory, entering the secondary market of a well-known brand can offer exciting opportunities.

It is remarkable how quickly contemporary pieces come onto the market. especially when considering the significant decrease in value. By stripping away manufacturing costs, marketing budgets and celebrity sponsorship (to name a few) the natural value of an object becomes compelling to buyers where in today’s world hard assets are becoming an integral part of people’s financial portfolio.

This week alone, jewelry by Bulgari, Cartier and Tiffany & Co., along with the work of Pomellato and Cathy Waterman have all been bought and sold in the store.

Highlighted here are some elegant rose-cut diamond and 18k gold drop earrings by Otto Jakob, a popular contemporary jewelry designer. Over ten years ago, these earrings commanded a price in excess of $50,000. Today, while still just as beautiful as the day they were made, they retail from Betteridge for just $34,000.

Value and great jewelry can go hand in hand, but discipline and determination are wonderful virtues to have in this fast paced and really fun part of the second hand jewelry market.