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Paul Morelli’s Majestic Meditation Bells- Now in Sterling Silver

by on October 1st, 2011


Paul Morelli Gem-Set Meditation Bells in Sterling Silver, from $250

Ever since their introduction in 2009, Paul Morelli’s Meditation Bells have been a hit. Something about that sweet tinkling sound is simply irresistible, and the ingeniously-simple clasp mechanism allows for endless mixing and matching!

Each bell seems to have a character all its own, whether it be the gracefully classic, plain fluted bell or the whimsical and cheerful multicolored, gem-set versions, there is a bell for everyone. For instance, my current favorite is the “Raja” bell in gorgeously moody black rhodium sparkling with amethysts and black diamonds. A little bit edgy, but still playful and feminine.

Just launched in sterling silver, there is a bell for every budget! The new silver bells come in classic styles, including ones with Morelli’s signature granulation, as well as new, gem-set stunners, such as the ones pictured to the left.

Who couldn’t use a little more Zen in her life?

Paul Morelli Meditation Bells: “Every Time a Bell Rings an Angel Gets its Wings”

by on December 1st, 2009

Paul Morelli Meditation Bells, from $2,600

Whenever I see Paul Morelli’s Meditation Bells collection, I’m reminded of an adorable Zuzu Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life, saying that now most famous of Christmas lines.

Paul Morelli’s bells come in a variety of sizes to be worn as pendants on a necklace or charms on a bracelet, and they make the most beautiful, elegant ringing sound. So, help an angel get its wings- come into the store and ring a meditation bell.