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Reinventing Old-Fashioned Jewelry

by on August 1st, 2009

Betteridge Summer Necklaces: $19,000 in tumbled translucent rose quartz beads with South Sea and Kieshi pearls; $6,500 in various shades of colored tumbled tourmaline beads with baroque South Sea pearls and faceted rock crystal accents

People who know how much I love pearls will ask me ‘What do I do with the pearls I don’t wear anymore?” It’s easy, I tell them – recreate them!

I like to work with an outdated two-strand pearl necklace and twist it with lots of strands of Chinese pearls to make a chunky torsade. If you take all the extra pearls you have and string them at random in an endless rope, you can create a sophisticated necklace to layer with chains. By adding some semi-precious stone beads in colors you love, or even exotic woods, it creates a more Bohemian look. Rock crystal beads can create a necklace to be envied and by adding shells, corals or turquoise you can have a Gauginesque image of a tropical paradise.

Style icons, such as Babe Paley and Millicent Rogers, were masters when it came to creating and recreating their jewelry. They would refashion languishing pearls and colored stones or wear less obvious jewelry combinations together, such as three huge cuff bracelets on one arm or a collection of pins on one shoulder (or on the back!).

Style is about confidence: by creating exactly the look you want, what you wear becomes an extension of your personality. With a basic idea of the sort of look you want to create and a touch of Betteridge imagination, the possibilities are endless.

Stunning and Surprising Pearls

by on May 1st, 2009

South Sea Tahitian Pearl & Pavé Diamond Ball Necklace, $90,000

Pearls are not just for your mother anymore. Up and coming artists are combining pearls with exotic materials including tropical woods, semi-precious stones, and fine gemstones.

On the left, you can see a fine example of the latter: a diamond pavé ball and grey Tahitian pearl necklace, designed by Betteridge and built in Greenwich.

Updated pearl combinations can fit your style and complement your complexion in exciting new ways. Great ropes of chunky South Sea pearls in a variety of colors can add vibrancy and vitality to your gait. Rose-hued, creamy white pearls add a dewy, romantic glow to your skin. Finally, when you mix your original pearls with less expensive Chinese fresh water pearls, you refresh your look and your attitude.

No jewel is more feminine or mysterious than the pearl. Treasured in the collections of the Medici’s, Romanov’s and Gould’s, the pearl adds a timeless sense of style. It carries the legacy of the special relationship between women and pearls throughout the centuries.