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The Claret Jug

by on September 30th, 2011

Silver Walrus Decanter

A Whimsically Wonderful Silver Walrus Decanter

My desk is a mess. Today, a walrus, ivory tusks and all, stares at me from where paper and counter should be, but I’m tickled; he reminds me of my departed springer and a silly question from one of my kids.

“Pop, you’re not going to melt this pitcher are you?” A fabulous, grape vine wrapped ewer, made in the 19th century, was his concern; heavy as lead; but it showed how little, so many kids today know of the great objects of art whose use makes them all the greater a wonder.

In Paris, is a somewhat fusty, bastion of the French culinary art called, La Serre; and on a high line of shelves, is a vast collection of wine jugs. Some are characters, like the walrus, but most are simply elegant deliveries of one of the greatest French treasures: the Bordeaux. After a suitable fondling of the sensuous, high shoulder of an unmistakable region’s bottle, ritual decantation aereates the heavy wine into the “Claret Jug.” The very best wines, pour into and out of these elegant vessels.

No, we do not melt wine ewers.

Victorian Silver Ewer

Victorian Silver Wine Ewer, Circa 1861

Patrick Mavros: Student of Nature, Master Silversmith

by on December 1st, 2009

Patrick Mavros Silver Turkeys, $33,000 for the pair

Rarely and wonderfully do I experience true genius first hand. Invariably, there’s a wealth of sweat and study belying the shock in seeing a real work of art, and with Patrick Mavros’s latest sculptures (over three years in the making), the result of his labors is truly overwhelming.

As a committed turkey hunter and bird watcher, the realism and mating panache of the tom turkey, even in glowing silver, is amazing. The demure hen is the girl I’ve watched so many times, coyly surveying her surroundings out of the corner of her eye. Every feather is individually chased and engraved, many having been separately formed and inset to give the natural sheen and glimmer of the wild bird’s body and flight feathers.

It’s worth a trip just to admire what a student of nature and a master silversmith can create.

Patrick Mavros: Talented Silversmith, Loving Dad

by on June 1st, 2009

Patrick Mavros Silverback Gorilla Silver Sculptures

Although Patrick Mavros’s flagship store is on Fulham Road in London, he is quick to point out that he is not an Englishman; he is Zimbabwean through and through.

Mavros creates some of the finest silver in the world from a rustic estate on a hilltop outside Harare. From his rural compound, Mavros crafts exquisite silver sculptures, jewelry, and accessories that bring the African Bush into the homes of his prestigious clientele, which includes the English Royal Family and J.K. Rowling.

In keeping with his quixotic, truly authentic personality his animal sculptures are startlingly realistic yet charmingly whimsical. From elephant wine coasters and monkey swizzle sticks, to Baobab tree candelabras and exquisitely cast silverback gorilla sculptures (pictured above), Mavros’s creations come to life before your eyes.

Although Mavros is best known as a talented silversmith, his life revolves around his wife, Catja, and their four sons: Patrick Jr., Alexander, Benjamin and Forbes. His sons are actively involved in the business, and have helped create a distinctive line of products that will bring a smile of satisfaction to the face of even the most discriminating dad.