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Trianon Cuff Links: Beautiful, Humorous, Outrageously Decorative… for Dad

by on June 1st, 2010

Tiger Shell ($2,300), Carved Mammoth 'Foo Dog' ($1,600), and Seashell ($1,900)

At last, a welcome reprieve from the ‘oh-good-it’s-a-tie-again’ refrain…here’s a wonderful opportunity to give Dad a gift guaranteed to bring a smile of delighted surprise to his lips: beautiful, humorous, outrageously decorative cuff links from Trianon.

A perfect mix of classic forms with an unexpectedly iconoclastic twist, these one-of-a-kind male accoutrements are made with distinctive, completely natural materials such as sting ray, wood, turquoise and coral, all mounted in 18kt gold, hand-made settings.

Please join us for a special just-in-time-for-Father’s Day Seaman Schepps and Trianon Showcase on June 18th and June 19th in Greenwich. Anthony Hapenhajm, President of both companies, will amuse you with his wit, wisdom and creative wizardry.